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Date Like a Movie Star Without Looking Like Brad Pitt

How to get girls like Brad Pitt How to get girls like Brad Pitt

Bald, middle-aged men dating super hot model-type women. You see it everyday.

Whenever I used to encounter this, I always thought that the man had to have a lot of money, or power, or was really famous in some special circle that I had never heard of.

One day, I felt really depressed about my life. I had been dumped by my girlfriend just a few days ago, and to be frank, life sucked. Big time.

Emotionally, I had hit rock bottom. Ground zero. Whatever you call it nowadays.

I felt like I had nothing to lose, so one day when I saw a really “normal” looking guy, with a smoking hot babe by his side, I decided to go ask her something:

“What are you doing with this regular guy, when you could get any guy on the planet?”
I just walked straight towards them and asked.

Out of the blue, they just started to laugh like they had never laughed before. I just stood there, kind of chocked. I would have thought that they would have taken it in a kind of negative way and gotten mad at me, but no. They just stood there and laughed.

As I guess you realize, I felt really dumb.

In my misery, I turned around and started to walk away.

But I didn’t go far before a hand grabbed my shoulder and turned me around again.

“Hi, I’m Peter!” the man from before said.

I couldn’t believe it. I had just insulted him, and now he wanted to introduce himself?

I stood there, feeling really strange, and greeted him back.

“Hi… I’m Alex”.

Peter just stood there, looking really regular, smiling at me. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like walking away again, but something held me back.

“Nice to meet you, Alex. Let’s go grab a beer; I have some things to teach you.”

What?! I was so confused at this point. The hot babe from before also walked up to us, and introduced herself. Her name was Angelica, and it turned out that she was even beautifuler than I had thought.

As I didn’t know what to do, I accepted his offer. And boy, am I glad I did!

What Peter had to teach me

As I look back on my life, I think that this day was the most important day in my life.

Peter, Angelica and I walked to a nearby bar.

I still didn’t get what was going on. At this point, I actually remember thinking I was part of a reality show or something.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Peter wasn’t as “ordinary” as I had first thought.

He talked differently, and he moved differently. There was just this “something” over him. I couldn’t quite pick it out, but I knew it was there.

Peter ordered a couple of beers, and we started to talk. It felt like he knew all about me, like he had me all figured out, just by looking at me.

Up to this point we had just been talking about regular stuff like sports, sports and more sports. We didn’t really talk about “anything” before after Angelica left.

When she did, Peter and I got into some really heavy conversation.

He started out by asking me why is was so frustrated. He said that he knew that the reason why I walked up to them earlier, and asked what she was doing with him, was that I needed a change in my life.

He figured out that I had recently lost my girlfriend, and that I was really angry and sad inside.

Not just because of my ex, but also because I felt like I had lost control over myself. He said that loosing control is one of the most dangerous things a man can lose

I didn’t agree with him then, but I do now.

Right in the middle of the conversation, Peter said that he had to go. He gave me a business card with his number on it, and said that I should call him sometime. We both knew that I would throw away the card as soon as he had left.

But then he said something that changed my mind.

“You know, Alex… You owe me a beer”.

Just like him and Angelica earlier that day, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Written out like this, it doesn’t seem funny at all. But somehow it was, it almost felt magical.

Like a big burden had been taken away from my back.

Before I had the chance to reply, Peter left.

The following days, I was really confused. Like I was trying to solve a giant puzzle inside my head, but I didn’t know where to begin.

My mind worked 24/7, but I couldn’t “figure it out”, even though I didn’t know what “it” was.

The call

One day I felt exceptional ill, and decided to call Peter.

He picked up just before I was about to hang up.

He said that he would like to see me again, and that he had a lot to tell and teach me.

We decided to meet up later that day, at a big square right in the middle of the city.

The second meeting

My heart was pounding really fast when I was standing there, waiting for him, in the middle of a thousand people.

Someone grabbed my shoulder, and I was instantly relaxed. There were just this aura around Peter; it’s really hard to explain.

I thought we were going to some bar again or something, but he actually invited me back home to his apartment.

I am not going to give you all the details, not today anyway, but meeting Peter is perhaps the most life changing experience I have ever had.

He told me that good looking girls are just girls, and even though some of them do know their market value, they are also quite bored with guys looking (too) good and acting (too) smart.

Sometimes the best way to approach these women is just to treat them as what they are… girls. Not super models.

They have been ass-kissed their whole life, and they don’t need another man to ask them out to a dinner, just so he can tell her how beautiful her eyes are.

Strange enough, behaving slightly uninterested or maybe just slightly rude (with manners!) towards these women will often work wonders.

Stay cool, be yourself. If you and your personality is interesting, you’re already miles ahead of most guys.

Women love men who are in control of themselves, not trying too hard, but playing by their own rules.

Peter is exactly like this.

He told me that he knew how I felt, and that he had been at the exact same spot in his own life just a few years ago.

It was so fascinating to listen to him. For the first few hours, I don’t think I spoke more than a few words. I was just nodding my head, listening.

What Peter taught me

Since then, Peter has been one of my very best friends. It’s always a blast to hang out with him, and in fact, I see him almost as my own brother.

He has taught me so many things about life. Too many to write down here.

But the most important thing he has taught me is that I have the ability to change. I can do whatever I want!

I know this sound like some lame “pocket philosophy”, but you, and only you, can improve your own life.

You’re in control; all the time. You take and make your own decisions. It’s your life.

And that’s why I have named this post “Date Like a Movie Star Without Looking Like Brad Pitt”. Because you can.

Looks don’t matter when it really comes down to having and living a fulfilling life.

You can date whoever you want; you just need the right attitude. It takes time, I know, but time is the only thing that all us humans have in common.

My financial situation for example, has always been great. I have never in my life really had money problems.

Girls have been a problem for me almost all my life though. When I wasn’t seeing anyone, when I didn’t have any dates, I would feel really lonely.

But when I was seeing someone, I would mentally push them away, because it was never good enough for me.

There was always this “but”, that I know now, I created myself.

I did it, and so can you

So the point of the story is this: Take action now, don’t wait until tomorrow. You, and only you, have the ability to live the life you want. You make yourself happy; don’t rely on outer conditions.

I’m sorry if this post was a little long, but I promise you, if you read through it all, it was worth it.

After all, I’m worth your time.

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45 thoughts on “Date Like a Movie Star Without Looking Like Brad Pitt

  1. Daniel

    That was a great read Alex.
    I started to read it not expecting to finish but then I felt as if I couldn’t stop.
    I can only hope to one day find someone like Peter.

  2. Alex Kay

    Hey Daniel,

    I guess that’s the power of an authentic story.

    Thanks for your kind words, and while we’re at it, why don’t you become “Peter”, to one of your friends?

    Just a quick thought.

    Have a great day, and thanks for your comment.

  3. Kevin

    Don’t sell yourself short Alex, that was a well written article.

    Keep up the good work, I check the site almost every other day.

  4. Alex Kay

    Hey Kevin, thanks mate! It warms my heart :)

    Christian, it sure can!

    And Susan, thanks for your kind words!
    Apoligizing is a bad habit of mine, I know.

    I am sorry, but I am not sure I understand which (next) girl you are talking about?

    After all, this is several years ago, so if you mean if I got other girls after this, the answer is a definite yes!

  5. Jason

    Very true that the secret to getting beautiful women is not to treat them like beautiful women. Just treat her like a women. Every other guy out there will do anything to get her for a night, and she’s not looking for a guy that’s like all the others. She’s looking for someone different.

    As hard as it is for us to get into the minds of women, I think you’ve done a great job at it.

  6. Alex

    Hey Archer,

    After that day, I actually never saw Angelica again. Sorry :)

    And Jason, thanks man! So have you, you’re absolutely right.

  7. Sherri

    Great story! Not being yourself is a lose-lose situation.

    Being yourself is the only way to get the girl. If you’re not yourself and you meet the right one for the real you, you’re screwed.

    If they don’t love you for exactly who you are, find someone who does. Being yourself is the person she wants because one day you’ll both be old and gray.

    What makes the magic isn’t looks. The magic is inside, and you have to let it out.

  8. Brian

    You write such a swell blog. I wish you the best of luck with everything. You have much to teach and I look forward to reading what you have to say.

  9. Alex Kay

    Thanks Mwangi!

    Sherri: You’re so right, meeting someone that would be right for the real you is a bitch if you aren’t “the right you” at that moment.

    Brian: Awww :) Thanks man!

    Raymond: Funny how a story works to draw readers in… Thanks for your comment my friend!

    DotGirlfriend: haha! Yeah, thanks for your comment dude :) Funny how you *almost* skips it, and then reads on.

    And at last but not least, Craig: haha! That’s great :)

    Thank you all for your incredibly warm words, I appreciate it.

    Take care,

  10. Jenifer

    Hey, I love your site. It’s really informative without being really over-generalized or sexist like so many others can be.
    One thing I would like to point out, though, is that while treating superhot women like regular women probably does work, I would say you should treat every woman like she’s beautiful. Even the super hot ones probably doubt it from time to time. I think this is what you believe, too, but I just wanted to say this because some of the words weren’t quite clear.
    Again, great blog!

  11. Alex Kay

    Hello Jenifer,

    thank you so much! :)

    yes, maybe I wasn’t too clear. I mean that you should treat every woman as a beautiful woman, but not to treat her differently just because she *is* superhot.

    Thanks for your comment.

  12. Ashley Wills


    Very nice article, was hooked till the end.

    Fortunately I met a ‘Peter’ and like yourself it was after a break-up. He is actually a relationship teacher professionally. You can find Stephane at http://www.ideaGasms.net

    btw, YangTown.com is a blog I think you’d like.

    I’ll go and RSS subscribe now :-)



  13. Alex Kay

    Hey Ashley,

    Yeah, I really like both YangTown and Stephane actually, but thanks for the recommendations anyway ;)

    And thank you for your kind words about the article! I love that people say they are getting “hooked” on it. Priceless!

    You go do that son!


  14. Max

    Found this site feeling down, think it’s intresting. Good story. Think the message it’s to just be yourself and act like that. This world somehow makes you want to be somebody else and everybody have the same goal because of TV or media. If you are yourself you are true and different, but we are to afraid to be ourself, to not be accepted, we care to much about what the rest will think of us. we don’t dare. That’s what i think. Does it make any sense? Sorry i’m quite drunk just now, but it does’t mean i’m not honest. Keep upp he good work Alex, you are helping people and that is more than most of the population in this world do.
    Glad to have any comment. Take care. Max

  15. Alex Kay

    Hey Max!

    I can kind of see on your spelling that you’ve had a little to drink… That’s allright though :)

    I think I get your point, and I must say it’s a good one.

    Thanks for your comment and kind words!

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  17. Anthony E

    Hey Alex,

    great blog you’ve got going on! keep it up!

    I’d like to know what you think in the case of “not being the right you” but then meeting someone who you think is right for you and losing them.

    I met a great girl but my life was all over the place and I had issues i needed to sort out. I really wanted say no to a relationship but then find her again when i sorted out my issues. but i wasnt discplined.

    In brief, i became inconsistent and my issues showed through. she ended up breaking up with me and i ended up begging her to come back, which she refused.

    I’d like to know whether you think a person should move on and try and find another person right for them or sort out their lives and have another go.


  18. Alex


    I think that if you truly think it will ever work again, give it another go.

    But don’t obsess about it. Take it really cool.

    My article on getting back your ex girlfriend might be helpful. Thanks for the kind words mate :)

  19. Baron

    I like what you have to say with regards to meeting women.

    Your writing style is elegant yet raw and unfiltered.
    I would like to discuss possibly doing business together.

  20. David K

    hey alex, i was really into your note i’m around the same pace right now but i;m curious as to how you deal with the okwardness that comes with hanging out or talking to someone you haven’t really met before or don’t know too much about

  21. kunal

    i like ur article but,i am aagressive kind of person i was dumped thrice by the same girl i loved her so much that i even accepted her after two breakups this is my third one i am frustrated as well very angry on her i just want to kill her, thats what i feel i even want to teach her a lesson by telling the truth to her parents(who dont know about our relationship). But i am confused and want to know what i am doing is right or wrong. Pls advice.

  22. Big Will

    Hey Alex, i’m a teen and probably too young to be reading articles like these, but I am in middle/high school and there is this beautiful girl I want to ask out but I am a bit over-weight, and I keep thinking that “I’m too fat or i’m not good enough” and because of this I can’t bring up the confidence to ask her out. Any tips would be extremely helpful, if you could email them to me it would be even better, and I’m not sure you can see my email adress from this comment, so just incase you can’t its w_aschwaibold@yahoo.com .

    sincerely yours,
    Big Will

  23. yuri reid

    hey alex!

    the other day i saw a smoking hot babe at a cafe and started a conversation with her and turns out that everyone that asks her out are real dicks and have a big ego and all the nice guys are to shy. in the end i got her number by treating her as an average person and not a smoking babe.


  24. Austin

    Your exact situation describes mine. I lost my girlfriend and have had a serious problem with not getting other relationships to work since, hell I can barely talk to an attractive woman anymore without getting my hopes up. It was a super great read and really helpful.

    Send some tips if ya wouldn’t mind mate.


  25. immy

    I thought this was a silly, i mean really using the word “beautifuler”. Look the problem is simple looks dont matter, your goal should not be to find a smoking hot babe. But someone who you click with. May be if you were not so shallow and not make such a strategy out of something which is about being yourself you may meet someone nice.

    my advice wake up and realise when you start looking at women for whats on the inside you may find what you were really looking for.

  26. Al

    Hi. I like your articles. I’m trying the advice of several people with their opinions on improving dating. I still haven’t quite got it right, but most of the time I can get a girl’s phone number, and get a date. One obstacle has always been ‘ah, she’s got a boyfriend, damn’, sometimes just overhearing her mentioning him, but I’m starting to reconsider a wee bit now.
    btw Would you agree that the phrase ‘she’s out of your/my/his/our league is bullcrap? Because I no longer believe in it.

  27. vivek

    hi Alex….
    nice story dear….i liked it…i ll try to follow it also…but tell me…i m in love with a girl from last 9 years…but she don’t love me…she love someone else…i had pleased her a lot to love me…i care for her…i do what she want..she want me to be her friend…tell me one thing that i m wrong that i had pleased her for love?

  28. Matt

    Very good point there with “girls are only girls” thing that I read. It’s true, just that one forgets thinking like that sometimes, cuz the more beautiful the girl the harder you think it is. Taking that back with me :)

  29. Mark Holt

    That was a really touching and inspirational story. Almost like reading an Og Mandino novel. Personally, I’d like to someday be regarded as the sort of “Peter” that you found in your life by the people whose lives I’ve touched.