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How to Use Your Voice to Project More Confidence

OK, so we all know that guys with booming, dark, sexy masculine voices are highly attractive to women.

But what about you? Do you have an attractive voice?

You may have. And if so – that’s great. If not, I suggest that you read on.
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Be a Great Kisser – How To REALLY Kiss a Girl

Kissing and foreplay are just means to get to sex, right? WRONG. Sex is all about giving, and girls love foreplay. You really should too.

No woman in this world enjoys the feeling that their boyfriend is using her as a masturbation tool. He barely gets in before he “shoots”.

She’s not even sure he’s in before he’s out again. The lights go off, and they both go to sleep. You really want to be that guy? Continue reading

The 5 Most Common Kissing Mistakes Men Make

This is part two of the 5 tips from 5 women series.

In this part I have asked the exact same 5 women about what a bad kiss is and as a summary I’ll write up the mistakes you can avoid making.

I asked them:

What’s a bad kiss to you?

Unfortunately, a bad kiss can be found in many variations. Personally, I think that the worst one is what I call the spinning propeller – where his tongue is just splashing around, not knowing where it’s going. Continue reading

7 Timeless Fashion Tips for Men

Men have made mistakes in fashion ever since wool was first found. And that’s a long time ago.

Follow these 7 fashion tips and you’ll be on your way to a more stylish life.

  • Don’t tuck your shirt in your pants
    Only if you’re going to wear a tie or a formal jacket. Shirts tucked in jeans are a big no-no.
  • Always iron your shirt
    Even if you’re going to wear a suit, unironed shirts just look awful. Who knows if you on an occasion have to drop the jacket? Don’t take that chance.

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How to be The Perfect Kisser

Everyone remembers their first kiss. Or their last kiss. Kissing is something that everyone loves, and if done right, it can be almost as fulfilling as sex.

So in this post we’ll discuss if she’s ready to be kissed, and how to do it right if she is. Enjoy!
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21 Tips for A Brighter Smile

Few things are more attractive to women than a healthy smile, and it has been proven that those with white teeth smile more.

And those who smile more get more girls, live longer and suffer less from depressions.

So there are enough reasons to get a brighter smile, here are my 21 tips and suggestions: Continue reading

Women’s Choice: The Best Colognes for Men

As stated before, smelling good can be a huge turn on for women. Simply showering in the morning, and possibly before meeting her, is great.

But to really smell good, you need a nice cologne, and this week I have been on a mission to find the best.

I have asked almost all of my female friends, and even though not all women like the same, there have been 3 perfumes that seemed to be universally popular. Continue reading