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Your Tinnitus Questions Answered

Hello! So I received the questions from Alex, and here are my answers. I hope you will find it useful:

Question 1

“I’m not actually a man, but I figure tinnitus is a pretty gender neutral affliction ;) My question would be, what’s the best way to get over it?” – Skellie

My answer:

Tinnitus is affecting men a little more often than women. Hearing loss and tinnitus are well connected, and more men than women work in noisy places (construction, industry, musicians) and there also seems to be a slight male overweight in tinnitus cases without noise exposure, also among young people. But lets get back to your question. You will not get rid of it in the sense that a wound will heal or like recovering from a broken bone.

This goes for tinnitus coming from noise or damage to your central nerve system caused by certain drugs and medicines. But there is also the possibility that your tinnitus origins from tension in your neck, jaw, back, or even your muscles in your face. A few very simple but helpful tips:
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Get Your Ex Back

Are You Hearing Sounds?

TinnitusDo you from time to time experience ringing in the ears after you’ve been to a concert? Maybe it takes a day or two before the sound is gone? Do you have trouble falling asleep because of tinnitus?

THIS FRIDAY (19th october) we’re bringing in tinnitus expert Fred Stepanov to answer YOUR questions about tinnitus, and how to get rid of it.

Drop us an email, or a comment before sunday and he will answer answer any question or concerns you might have.
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Get Your Ex Back