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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Ex Girlfriend

Should you sleep with your ex girlfriend? Should you sleep with your ex girlfriend?

If you’re thinking about seducing your ex girlfriend (because you’re going through a dry-period, perhaps?) think about these 7 reasons why you shouldn’t, first.

  1. It will bring back old memories
    Sleeping with your ex girlfriend is bound to make you once again think of all your old memories of you and her. That time at the beach, your first kiss, you know what I mean. Even if you just try to do one last “hit ‘n’ run”, the memories will come flashing back some day.
  2. It’s not going to feel the same
    Spending a night in her bed will never feel the same as it once did. What made the sex special is most unlikely gone, and sleeping with her will most likely not be much different than sleeping with any other girl.
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Be a Great Kisser – How To REALLY Kiss a Girl

Become the greatest kisser in the world Want to become the greatest kisser in the world? Read on...

Kissing and foreplay are just means to get to sex, right? WRONG. Sex is all about giving, and girls love foreplay. You really should too.

No woman in this world enjoys the feeling that their boyfriend is using her as a masturbation tool. He barely gets in before he “shoots”.

She’s not even sure he’s in before he’s out again. The lights go off, and they both go to sleep. You really want to be that guy? Continue reading

Why Bad Boys Get All the Hot Women, and Nice Guys Don’t Even Come Close

Why do bad boys get the good girls? Why do bad boys get the good girls?

A bad boy is sexy. There’s something about that sly smile; that look in his eyes. He just turns women on wherever he looks.

He moves like an alpha male in the animal kingdom: Relaxed and confident. Almost too relaxed. Almost too confident.

So what exactly defines a bad boy?

In its most simple definition, a bad boy is someone who works outside the norms of society. Continue reading

Get her to Spend the Night at your Place

How to get her to stay at your place How to get her to stay at your place

If your date went well, there’s a big possibility that you asked her if she wanted to come inside. Or maybe the date took place in your apartment, it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is what you do after you have turned her on. You can be the sexiest guy in the world, but if your apartment looks like trash, it will be very hard to “convince” her to stay.

It has happened to me a couple of times. A cute girl in my apartment. We kiss, I put on some music, we kiss some more. After a while she has to go to the bathroom, and when she gets back, she is suddenly in a rush to leave. Continue reading

Why You Should Get Her Phone Number instead of Taking Her Home

Going for a one night stand? Going for a one night stand?

No. 4 in the series “What everybody ought to know about dating”.

When guys are out meeting women on a Friday night, what many are looking for is a one night stand.

It’s a dream for many men to walk in, talk to the most stunning woman in there, and walk home with her.

Nothing wrong with that, today I just want to discuss why it perhaps is better if you went for her phone number.
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Know When to Make your Move and How to Do It when She is Ready

How to go all the way with a girl you really like How to go all the way with a girl you really like

Many guys ask me questions like “when should I make my move?” or “how do I know if she is ready?” and as everything else regarding women, the answer is not simple.

In part one we talked about turning girls on, and that many women are like “volume knobs, needing to be turned up slightly, one nod at a time”.
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