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Build Strength, Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

Build muscle while shredding the fat Build muscle while shredding the fat

Do you want to get strong, but at the same time lose fat and build muscle? Then the StrongLifts 5 x 5 Strength Training Program is for you.

It’s really a rather simple “workout”, consisting of only two different sessions, and 8 different exercises, which will train your whole body.

So if you’re looking to fulfill that new years resolution that you should start working out – here’s your chance! Continue reading

Stop Training like a Bodybuilder and Start Training like an Athlete

Train like an athlete if you want to get real results Train like an athlete if you want to get real results

If you get stronger, you will also look stronger.

Doing single-jointed exercises like the dumbbell biceps curl might feel good, and sure, your biceps will get bigger over time.

But what if I told you that all the time you have been doing biceps curls, you could have been doing multi-jointed exercises, and by now, you would have packed on twice the muscle?

By using more muscles to move the weight, you’ll also be able to handle more kilos, increasing performance, burning more fat, minimizing injury and making you look better. Continue reading

Knock Out Stress: Start Boxing Now!

Knock out stress with boxing Knock out stress with boxing

OK, so you want to get in shape quickly? Want to build muscle, get rid of fat and improve your cardiovascular system, all at the same time?

Well, the answer could be the mother of all sports: boxing.

And you don’t have to risk a broken nose or a black eye either. Enroll in a boxing club if you want the real atmosphere and that true Rocky feeling, or just try one of the classes in your local fitness studio. Continue reading

How to Win at Arm Wrestling, 5 Easy Tips

Arm WrestlingBlood, sweat and tears. The ultimate manhood test. Are you up to the challenge?

It’s saturday night, you’re getting a beer or two at the bar. You look at the wrong girl, and a big guy comes over to you. “You lookin’ at my girl fool?!”He says.

You answer steadily with a “let’s armwrestle”. He agrees, and the whole bar is watching. You win easily. Needless to say, you walk away with the girl, and the total respect from everyone in the bar. The big guy sits and cryes of shame in the corner. Buhhuu, this is how you did: Continue reading