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On Being a Man

It takes a man to be a man It takes a man to be a man

Being a man. What does that really mean?

For me, it is being completely congruent with yourself. Being confident, powerful, strong and fun to be around.

A real man doesn’t hide anything from anyone. He doesn’t have a “dark side”.

He understands social dynamics, and he just have this energy around him that makes people like him. Continue reading

Why Having a Skill is Important When it Comes to Dating

On having a skill On having a skill

Hey guys! Just as my last post, I am writing this on a laptop in Sweden. I am currently enjoying a vacation, so that’s why these last two posts haven’t been of substanstial length. Bear over with me, I’ll be back in a few days.

Today I want to take a minute and talk about the importance of skill.

Personally, I think its alfa-omega to be really good at something for succeeding in life.

For me it doesn’t really matter if you’re a fantastic singer, a great flute player, an amazing runner or the world’s best juggler – it just matters that you stand out from the crowd. Continue reading

Date Like a Movie Star Without Looking Like Brad Pitt

How to get girls like Brad Pitt How to get girls like Brad Pitt

Bald, middle-aged men dating super hot model-type women. You see it everyday.

Whenever I used to encounter this, I always thought that the man had to have a lot of money, or power, or was really famous in some special circle that I had never heard of.

One day, I felt really depressed about my life. I had been dumped by my girlfriend just a few days ago, and to be frank, life sucked. Big time.

Emotionally, I had hit rock bottom. Ground zero. Whatever you call it nowadays.

I felt like I had nothing to lose, so one day when I saw a really “normal” looking guy, with a smoking hot babe by his side, I decided to go ask her something:

“What are you doing with this regular guy, when you could get any guy on the planet?”
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