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Summer Reading for the Bored – 5 Blogs I read

What’s up guys!

This post is being published while I’m hanging out in India. I’ll make a quick report when I get home.

So, I didn’t plan too well ahead, so I have to admit it; this post is really rushed.

I just wanted to link to some of the blogs that I have been reading, so you don’t have to hunger for great content while I am away…

Hope you find it useful! Continue reading

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Starting a Beginners Guide to Dating Succes

After 8 months of running this blog, I think I know my audience pretty well.

I know what kind of issues most of you have, and I also know how to help you.

That’s why I have created the Beginners Guide.

Simply put, it’s a page where I have grouped my articles under subjects, I am going to have some links to other resources (books, audios, videos etc.) and other stuff that might help you guys.

So hop over and check it out!

If you have any ideas, feel free to write them here in the comments.

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Dating Q & A

Hey guys,

I am starting a dating ‘question and answer’ feature here, and well, for me to give the answers, I need some questions first.

So, if you have any dating/sex/women related questions at all, I’ll give my best shot at answering them for you!

Ask me whatever you want, I promise I won’t laugh.

Just fill out the contact form with the subject line “Dating Q & A“.

Hope to get some great questions!

Take care until next time,

PS. Girls are welcome too.

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Christmas Break

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to steal a minute of your time to say that I won’t be writing anything over the Christmas.

I am going to Sweden, and I know that most of you won’t have too much free-time to read anyway. So have a fantastically merry Christmas everybody, I’ll see you at about the 28th december.

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The Future of Just Keep The Change

Dating TipsUp to this point I have been writing posts about food, about teeth, about muscles, about sex and even a post about post-it notes.

That’s all great, but to really fulfill my goal, and make men better, I will now focus on the topic that I enjoy writing the most about. Dating. This is where most guys really struggle, and this is also a topic in which I can draw a lot of personal experiences, and really help you out with your troubles and problems.

I will still write about fitness, muscle, food, mental health, and everything else men and lifestyle related, but from now on, it may be with a little “dating twist”.

So stay tuned, the fun has only just begun ;)

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New Feature: Life Tips

Hey guys, Alex here. I just quickly wanted to let you know about a new feature here at Just Keep The Change. It’s called “life tips”, and it’s going to be a little place where I can post quick, well yes, life tips. Right now they are placed at the lower end of the sidebar, but I am going to redo that a little, so I guess I’ll place them higher up.

While I have your attention, I can tell you that I have been working on a post about feeling down for a few days now. I am pretty sure that you are going to find it useful, so check back here tomorrow.

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