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How to Overcome Depression and Add 10 Years to Your Life by Playing a Game

Jane McGonical The game that can add 10 years to your life

While browsing TED I found a really interesting video called “The game that can give you 10 extra years of life”. I decided to watch it, and after doing so, I knew that I just HAD to share it with you guys.

In short, it’s about how the author (Jane McGonigal) got through a very tough and dark period in her life by …playing a game.

If you feel depressed, sad or like your life is not moving forward the way it should be, I think that you will like this video. And if you don’t – it’s still darn interesting.

As a bonus, just for watching it, you will earn 7.5 minutes of life. Yep, 7.5 minutes.

See for yourself what it’s all about here:

What do you think?

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6 Things I’ve Learned About Women and Life in the Past 3 Years

Women, love and life Women, love and life

During the last three years I have learned a lot. Looking back, I am a much happier man today than I was back then.

My journey has been long, and yet I am still travelling. That is the beauty of life.
Today I want to share with you six of the things that I have learned. Apply what you feel fit, and I am sure that it will make a profound change in your life.
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Get Started Being with the Women You Desire and Live a Better Life

Start living the life you want to live Start living the life you want to live

Truth is, most guys don’t live the life they want.

Something is always wrong. Friends, work, family, girlfriends, whatever.

But let me tell you one thing: All of these problems seem so much easier to solve if you know that you can go out at anytime, and go up and talk to any girl you want, and get her number.

And not only that. You also know that you can get on a date with her. And you know that there’s a big chance that this date leads to more… Physical contact between you.

It’s really a fantastic feeling. And I want you to have it too! Continue reading

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Date Like a Movie Star Without Looking Like Brad Pitt

How to get girls like Brad Pitt How to get girls like Brad Pitt

Bald, middle-aged men dating super hot model-type women. You see it everyday.

Whenever I used to encounter this, I always thought that the man had to have a lot of money, or power, or was really famous in some special circle that I had never heard of.

One day, I felt really depressed about my life. I had been dumped by my girlfriend just a few days ago, and to be frank, life sucked. Big time.

Emotionally, I had hit rock bottom. Ground zero. Whatever you call it nowadays.

I felt like I had nothing to lose, so one day when I saw a really “normal” looking guy, with a smoking hot babe by his side, I decided to go ask her something:

“What are you doing with this regular guy, when you could get any guy on the planet?”
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What to Do and Think When You Feel Down

How to get up when you feel down How to get up when you feel down

We have all been there, at least I know I have. You come home from a stressful day at work, or maybe you felt too depressed to even get out of the door.

Everything just went wrong, your girl left you, your favourite sports team lost an important game; It doesn’t matter.

The thoughts just swirl around in your head, and you can’t really focus on anything. Even the easiest tasks seem impossible, and at least for now, you just can’t enjoy life. Continue reading

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