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7 Ways to Pay Less and Get a Better Flight

Why do you never find those cheap tickets? Why do you never get upgraded? This is how you arrive at your next destination with a smile on your face.

1. Book early

Flight Tips
Airline tickets are like Christmas trees: the closer you get to the date, the more expensive they get.

Check prices at 5 different websites and search engines, and order as soon that you have found the price you’re willing to pay.

Don’t wait, prices might change tomorrow.

2. Check the charter flights

If you’re flexible and like to gamble a little, “odd” airlines might have the right deal for you.

Normally, going from London to Istanbul would make you look at, or, but what about checking a few charter websites?

A company like Thomson might just have a flight that suits you, and often they sell tickets at prices way below normal airlines, as they need to fill up the flight.

They already paid for it, and as the departure day gets closer… prices drop.

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