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Audio Interview: Getting Over Your Ex-Girlfriend with Alex Kay

Audio interview with Alex Kay on relationships Audio interview with Alex Kay on relationships

I was recently interviewed by Scott Valdez from the ClickMagnet dating blog and the interview is now online: Play now!

You can listen to it by clicking here, or you can download it and listen to it later by right-clicking the link and choosing “save destination as”.

Here’s the text (written by Scott) that accompanies it:

“Alex Kay is a dating expert, writer, and prolific blogger who’s known for his relationship advice website,, and particularly for helping men back on their feet after a tough breakup.
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“Should I be friends with my ex-girlfriend?” – Answering the Question

Should I remain friends with my ex? Should I remain friends with my ex?

I often get the question: ”Should I be friends with my ex-girlfriend?” and to that, I have two answers. The short one is a blatant ”no”, and the longer one is a ”…maybe”. But it depends.

Read on if you want to know to whom I give each of the answers – and why…

The ”straight NO!” answer

If you aren’t over her at all, being friends with an ex-girlfriend can be very tough. The situation often goes something like this:
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Success Story: Adam Got Over Charlotte and She Can’t Handle It

How Aaron came over his ex girlfriend How Aaron came over his ex girlfriend

Hey guys! A few days ago, I got an email from my friend Adam who in turn recently had been getting an email from his ex-girlfriend, Charlotte. I thought that the email and his response was so good that I wanted you guys to see it.
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Why You Should Move On Instead of Wanting Her Back

Get your ex girlfriend back? Or move on? Get her back? Or move on?

Note from Alex: This is taken from my ebook The Ex-Girlfrend Solution. It helps to lay the foundation for the rest of my teachings by discussing how getting over an ex before getting back together with her can actually be very beneficial to both you and her.

It is almost impossible for me to count the amount of guys I have spoken to about their ex-girlfriends over the years, but it sure is a lot. If I should do a recap, the theme that has occurred the most is this:

Girl dumps Guy, Guy is confused, Girl is equally confused so she keeps calling him, Guy misinterprets the calls and wants her back, Girl finds someone new and Guy is hurt all over again.

This happens very often, and it is a terrible situation. The situation has many variations, but it usually ends the same way. And the worst part of it all is that the man in this has absolutely no power and no control. The girl is in charge, and the man is left to be her marionette puppet.
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Should You Tell Your New Girl About Your Ex?

Should you tell your new girlfriend about your ex? Should you tell your new girlfriend about your ex?

Note from Alex: This is just a short chapter from The Ex-Girlfriend Solution answering a common question that I get: “Should You Tell Your New Girl About Your Ex?”

At some point, you will meet a girl. It’s inevitable. And it’s also inevitable that you and her will talk about your previous lovers and relationships. So, what do you tell her about your ex-girlfriend, who caused you so much pain?
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Success Story: How Vincent Got Over His Ex

If Vincent got over her, you can too! If Vincent got over her, you can too!

Note from Alex: This post feautures a success story from Vincent Miller regarding how he got over his ex-girlfriend. As you’ll see, a lot of the basic ingredients from my approach were the things that helped him out the most. Read on to hear his story.

Vincent Miller: “Your website helped me out a lot. The initial fact that a bunch of people out there were feeling the same way I did made me feel better immediatly. I’m not saying that this cured the whole situation, but after the initial breakup, that helped out a lot.

There is no formula to where we can plug in numbers and find out how long we will be suffering. The suffering is a part of life and we have to go through it to make us the person that we will one day become. You have to look at that suffering as a way of personal growth. That is why I believe that time is the most important factor in getting over someone.
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How Not to Break Up And a Personal Break-Up Story From a Woman’s Perspective

Break up from a woman's perspective Break up from a woman's perspective

Note from Alex: Today Katie will share a story on a break-up and a little lesson on how not to break-up….

There is a well-known episode of “Sex and the City” where the current boyfriend of Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) gets dumped by her boyfriend via a Post-It note. Continue reading