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Bantering: Now You Can Get Women, Be Social and Have a Blast at the Same Time

Learn how to banter correctly Learn how to banter correctly

What’s up guys. Today I want to talk to you about banter. Banter is awesome in every way, and I want to show you how you can use it to experience amazing things in your own life.

Banter is often confused with flirting, but the two concepts are not exactly the same. Banter would be defined as a playful conversation, where as flirting is more of a sexual interaction. You can banter with your friends, but you most likely wouldn’t flirt with them.
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How to Be Shockingly Popular with Women

Guy and microphone Is this just a picture of a guy and a microphone?

Note from Alex: Here’s an article from my good friend Anthony who, if you’re a regular here, know from both the forums and from the several comment threads he has participated in. Anyway, this article is about building confidence and social value – check it out!

Getting women to notice you seems either very easy or very hard. The trap I see a lot of guys falling in is trying to please everyone – because when you please people, they love you, right?… Wrong.
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The One Thing You Absolutely Must Do to Have Success With Women

Look into her eyes! Look into her eyes!

There is one trick – known by many, used by few – which, if used correctly, works like a charm every time.

It’s called looking her in her eyes.

Ever since I have given women intense eye contact while being with them, my love life has completely transformed.

Old, rugged sex without passion suddenly turns into hot all-night sessions.

Now don’t get me wrong – there’s more to women than just looking them in their eyes. It’s not a magic trick, but it is a necessity.

And not all eye contact works the same – a creepy stare is for many females one of the biggest turn offs. So read on, and learn how to give a woman some sexy eye contact. It’s one of the most important things you’ll ever learn.
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Why Confidence Can Not Be Faked, and What to Do About It

How to become confident How to become confident

Confidence is a strange thing. Some people seem to have it, and some do not. In one moment, you can feel like the most confident man on the planet; in the next, you can feel so low that you don’t even want to get out of bed the next morning.

But why? What is this confidence, and why does it have such a huge impact on our lives? How can we use it to our advantage? These are some of the questions that I will be answering with my next 1000 words. Read on.
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Boosting Your Confidence To The Next Level: The Two Things You Need To Have

Get your confidence to the level you want Get your confidence to the level you want

We’ve all seen it happen way too many times. You’re out with your friends enjoying a few beers when a group of girls walks in. The venue is perfect, the night feels good, and you know that if you and your friends were to walk up and start talking with these girls the night would be, well, magical.

You lean into your friends saying, “Guys, see those girls over there?”

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Why Bohemian Painters are Sexy as Hell and How You Can Become That, Too

Learn how to become as attractive as a bohemian painter Learn how to become as attractive as a bohemian painter

Who doesn’t want to be sexy as hell, exceedingly attractive and absolutely confident?

This article will tell you how. And it’s easier than you probably thought. But not easy in the ‘no-effort’ way.

No, it’s more like easy in the ‘simple to write- harder to do’ way.

The title of this post was inspired by the relatively new Woody Allen movie “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. Actually, the whole post is inspired by that movie. You’ll see why in a minute.
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