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Numbers are Great for Calendars – Not for Grading Girls!

What's a 10 to you? What's a 10 to you?

Oh man, she was an 8.5!

The grading system. Most of us know it, many of us use it. Rating girls from numbers 1-10 based on their looks…

Isn’t it extremely childish? I think so.

Whenever I hear a man talking about that 6, 7, or the rare 10, I just shake my head. Ratings girls is for boys. Not for men.

Because grading is really all about acceptance. You only get high-fived by your pals if she’s an “8”. Continue reading

Why Self Limiting Beliefs are your Worst Enemy when it comes to Approaching Girls

Approach women without fear Approach women without fear

“I am not good looking enough to be with her”. “I am too fat”. “I’m not funny enough”.

Self limiting beliefs – your worst enemy when it comes to dating.

Ever experienced one of the above thoughts yourself? I know you have. Continue reading

How I Took a Girl Through Strawberry Fields at McDonald’s and Got Her Number

A fun game to play with women A fun game to play with women

Yesterday I got this really big urge to go get a McFlurry at my local McDonald’s… I know, I know. I’m bad, but it’s not my fault McFlurry’s are soo good?

Anyway, I got my ice cream, and sat down at a table to enjoy it.

I was almost finished, when this really amazing smell walked right by my nose.

I looked up, and found myself drooling over the most stunning girl I have ever seen (in a McDonald’s). She was around 1.76, long blonde hair, and a really mysterious and sexy face.

I quickly threw the rest of my McFlurry away, and walked right behind her up to the counter. Continue reading

The Best Way to Meet and Attract Women

The best way ever to approach beautiful women The best way ever to approach beautiful women

Forget about every “routine” you have ever read, forget about “pick-up lines”, and let me take 2 minutes of your time to demonstrate to you, the best way to meet (and attract) women.

It’s actually really, really, simple.

Have you ever gained eye contact with a woman, and you both smiled? It may have lasted less than a second, but THIS IS human attraction in a nutshell. The thing that most guys do wrong in these situations, though, is that they DO NOT TAKE ACTION.

I have witnessed it too many times. A man and a woman standing in line in a supermarket. Eye contact. Smile. Bam, they both feel it. But none of them do anything. A “hi” or “hello” is enough. Continue reading

The #1 Secret to Get More Girls

Follow this tip if you find it difficult to get dates Follow this tip if you find it difficult to get dates

Today I will share a secret with you. If it seems like you can’t get any dates, I am pretty sure that this secret, if implemented right away, can help your success with women tremendously.

Unfortunately, most guys don’t have a clue about women and dating. But knowing this simple little thing will instantly put you way above the rest. Continue reading