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The Art of The Successful First Date – Even If She’s Not ‘The One’

How to have a great first date How to have a great first date

Note from Alex: This is a guest post from a woman. Her name is Nicola Lees, and she has been so kind to write about first dates and what to do (and don’t do!) on those. She gives some advice you can’t go too wrong on, so I’ll lend the word to Nicola…

As a single woman in London, I’ve been on a few first dates, most of them bad. They ranged from a guy who lied about his job (I didn’t care about his job, but I did care that he’d been dishonest), to one who was so nervous he couldn’t speak, and a man who neglected to inform me that I was on a date – I thought I was going to a business meeting. Dating, as far as I was concerned, was torture.
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