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What You Wear On Your Wrist Matters, So Do It Properly – Or Don’t

A right man has the right watch A right man has the right watch

The following is an article written by my friend Fred Stepanov. It’s all about watches – the why, the what and the when. Enjoy!

Let’s be frank: wearing a watch is not really necessary anymore. If you want the correct time, consult your cell phone, your TV or your computer. Why spend money on it? Why even bother?

I’ll tell you why. Continue reading

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Knock Out Stress: Start Boxing Now!

Knock out stress with boxing Knock out stress with boxing

OK, so you want to get in shape quickly? Want to build muscle, get rid of fat and improve your cardiovascular system, all at the same time?

Well, the answer could be the mother of all sports: boxing.

And you don’t have to risk a broken nose or a black eye either. Enroll in a boxing club if you want the real atmosphere and that true Rocky feeling, or just try one of the classes in your local fitness studio. Continue reading

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Your Tinnitus Questions Answered

Hello! So I received the questions from Alex, and here are my answers. I hope you will find it useful:

Question 1

“I’m not actually a man, but I figure tinnitus is a pretty gender neutral affliction ;) My question would be, what’s the best way to get over it?” – Skellie

My answer:

Tinnitus is affecting men a little more often than women. Hearing loss and tinnitus are well connected, and more men than women work in noisy places (construction, industry, musicians) and there also seems to be a slight male overweight in tinnitus cases without noise exposure, also among young people. But lets get back to your question. You will not get rid of it in the sense that a wound will heal or like recovering from a broken bone.

This goes for tinnitus coming from noise or damage to your central nerve system caused by certain drugs and medicines. But there is also the possibility that your tinnitus origins from tension in your neck, jaw, back, or even your muscles in your face. A few very simple but helpful tips:
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7 Ways to Pay Less and Get a Better Flight

Why do you never find those cheap tickets? Why do you never get upgraded? This is how you arrive at your next destination with a smile on your face.

1. Book early

Flight Tips
Airline tickets are like Christmas trees: the closer you get to the date, the more expensive they get.

Check prices at 5 different websites and search engines, and order as soon that you have found the price you’re willing to pay.

Don’t wait, prices might change tomorrow.

2. Check the charter flights

If you’re flexible and like to gamble a little, “odd” airlines might have the right deal for you.

Normally, going from London to Istanbul would make you look at, or, but what about checking a few charter websites?

A company like Thomson might just have a flight that suits you, and often they sell tickets at prices way below normal airlines, as they need to fill up the flight.

They already paid for it, and as the departure day gets closer… prices drop.

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Run Like Fred, a half Marathon story

I have been running for some years now, but I still find it hard. My legs are too short, my pace not fluent enough, and the whole concept of runners high is still a mystery to me. I am not a runner. But still, I run, and this is my kilometre by kilometre diary the last time I ran a half marathon.

Things started off bad

Fred Stepanov
I leave home at 08.30, the race is going to start in roughly an hour. I don’t have a car, and there’s around 5 kilometres to the starting area, so I decide to take my bicycle. But I had a struck of bad luck. I had a flat tire 600 meters away from home on my bicycle, so I had to run back and change to my sons bicycle, and then get to the starting area in time.

When I finally got there, I was very late. The race was going to start in 5 minutes, and still I hadn’t got my chip, I hadn’t changed clothes and I hadn’t warmed up. Shit!

I just threw the bike away, tried to find the chip spot, got the chip, fastened it to my shoelaces, stripped off my clothes, threw them into a plastic bag in a corner, prayed that I would find it again and ran to the starting line. Continue reading

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