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Audio Interview: Getting Over Your Ex-Girlfriend with Alex Kay

Audio interview with Alex Kay on relationships Audio interview with Alex Kay on relationships

I was recently interviewed by Scott Valdez from the ClickMagnet dating blog and the interview is now online: Play now!

You can listen to it by clicking here, or you can download it and listen to it later by right-clicking the link and choosing “save destination as”.

Here’s the text (written by Scott) that accompanies it:

“Alex Kay is a dating expert, writer, and prolific blogger who’s known for his relationship advice website, JustKeepTheChange.com, and particularly for helping men back on their feet after a tough breakup.

As someone who has been through a difficult breakup himself, Alex knows just how tough getting over your ex can be. And not only has he “been there” himself, faced his demons and built his life back up again; Alex has also helped hundreds of other men deal with their dating troubles over the years…

Alex encountered and overcame his own rock-bottom “ground zero” state to pursue the life of his dreams, and it’s now his mission to help other guys do the exact same thing. Today, he advises men on all aspects of relationships, from improving their attractiveness and sexual technique to picking up girls in college. But in this interview, I decided to focus on what Alex is best known for: How to get over your ex-girlfriend.

I think hearing Alex’s story and the learning how he overcame his struggles will give you a renewed sense of courage to face any obstacles you’re currently up against…

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The Moment One Realizes That Change Is Possible
  • How One BAD Relationship Can Sabotage Future GOOD Relationships
  • The First Step You Should Take When Getting Over a Girl
  • Can Men Ever Understand a Woman’s Mind? Should They Even Try?
  • The MOST Important Question to Ask Before You Try to Get Her Back
  • Advice for Overcoming an Emotional Rut – How to Move On…
  • The Wisdom of Knowing EXACTLY What You Want When Dating
  • How to Overcome Emotional Baggage to Be “Present in the Moment”
  • What’s the BEST Way to “Get Back Out There” After a Breakup?”

So in other words, there’s a lot of great problem-solvers in there… Take a listen right away, and don’t forget to check out the original post as well.


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6 thoughts on “Audio Interview: Getting Over Your Ex-Girlfriend with Alex Kay

  1. Franklin dela pena

    Dear Alex,
    I’ve been coming and going from this website ever since you had it up. Way before you reached the 5000 comments on that blog about getting over your ex. Every now and than I would jump back on the site and just read to learn. Just like you said in the interview , it’s all about finding yourself and doing a little soul searching. Than eventually the right girl will find you. It’s awesome to finally hear your voice because a lot of guys out their including me thionk of you as a hero, not just a blogger. So keep up the good work bro, you’ve got something good going here.

  2. Why

    Just like you said in the interview , it’s all about finding yourself and doing a little soul searching.

    I did find myself and I know where my soul is and she did find me.

    She found me but she left me

  3. Christoffer Peterson

    Nice one Alex. I like what you’re saying about knowing what you want and how that determines what you get as well..

  4. Mike

    Yes the knowing what you want determining what you get is the law of attraction at play, it’s a very powerful tool once you know how to use it