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Are You Making This Common Mistake When Trying to Get Your Ex Back?

Get your ex-girlfriend back the stress-free way Get your ex-girlfriend back the stress-free way

Have you ever been in this situation: You want your ex to “forgive everything” and “take you back”, all at once?…

If you have, this little nugget of wisdom may prove to be a huge “Aha!” moment.

Going too far, too fast

What I see all the time is both guys and girls trying to get back together with their ex’s – and in that itself, I don’t see a problem. The problem only arises when these guys and girls try to get too far too fast.

See, often they try to get their ex to “give them a new chance” or “to patch everything up” ALL AT ONCE…

When in fact they should take much smaller steps instead.

Getting back together is big business for both of you, and depending on the break-up, it might not be easy. But it does not have to be difficult, either.

You just have to be patient!

Even though you feel ready, you can’t take for granted that your ex feels the same way.

You have to give him or her time and YOU HAVE TO take baby steps to get to where you want to go!

So instead of taking that huge talk of moving back in the apartment and going to back square one or wherever you left off, why don’t you just go for a walk instead and talk about the things that you used to talk about?

Don’t make it feel forced

You don’t have to act like you’re still a couple in the sense of touch and romance, but keep the same tone and level of banter that you used to.

The gist of getting your ex back as I see it is to act like you’re still in a relationship… Without ever mentioning that you’re acting this way or talking about the fact that you’re actually not together anymore.

Make the relationship feel real

Only when the “relationship” feels real in your ex’s head again can you begin to talk more openly about “getting back together”… Because only then will it feel natural and not forced…

So instead of getting back together, why don’t you grab a coffee with her? With no strings attached. The less it feels like a “proper date”, the better. Think more about it like two friends getting together talking about everything and nothing – like friends usually do. “Fun” and “without stress” are the keywords here.

Let her come to you

Let her come to you instead of chasing her. Take it slow and take it one step at a time. Only then will you succeed as well as plant the seed for the relationship to flourish in the future.

This is only a teaser of what I have of tips and tricks for you to get back together with your ex. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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3 thoughts on “Are You Making This Common Mistake When Trying to Get Your Ex Back?

  1. Mike

    Yes this is so true. All you need is just a little patience. It’s best to implement the no contact rule and eventually she will contact you.

  2. Andy

    there’s no such thing like goin’ back together. When it’s over let it be over. You probably made some huge mistakes and lowered her Interest Level so that’s why she got rid of you. Don’t go back. Instead you’ve got to improve yourself and try to correct your mistakes and become a better man. Take some time off the dating scene and work on your flaws. Don’ go back let her go. She’s gonna hurt you some more if you let her back into your life.