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5 Tips on Kissing Passionately from 5 Women

How to kiss passionately How to kiss passionately

A good kiss is like a dance – the man has to be in charge, but if you don’t play well together, it doesn’t work.

That’s one of the things, 5 things, 5 of my girlfriends (friends that happen to be of the female gender) shares in the following short article.

I asked them the following question:

What’s a good kiss to you?

A good kiss is concentrated, wet without being wet, focused, and surprising. A long kiss in the middle of making dinner, or washing clothes, just because, can be amazing. It’ll make a woman really happy. You could say that long kisses at surprising (not too surprising!) times can add a spark of uncertainty and sexual tension to any relationship.

A good kiss is a kiss which knocks your off your feet – The world is spinning around, and the feeling goes through your whole body. It could be said, that a good kiss, feels like you get an electric chock of love right through you. Uhhm!

A good kiss is when he holds my face in his hands. His fingers an inch or two up in my hair, holding it away from my ears. He’s decisive, but openly adventurous. His eyes are looking at me, my mouth and my eyes. He could say something hot; the kiss itself is soft and a little bit wet.

His tongue is just like the rest of him; adventurous and soft. It should be looking for my tongue to come out and play, but not for too long. It’s a kiss who demands a lot, but when done correctly, can knock any girl of her feet. Remember to not just kiss on the mouth, but also on the cheeks and the neck.

A good kiss is a kiss where it’s obvious that the man feels you and accepts you as a whole – not just as a sex object. A good kiss builds up and plays with you. A good kiss touches the whole body, and is at the same time both sensitive and bold, and romantic and horny. A good kiss plants deep down in the stomach, and stays there, sometimes for days. A good kiss can make you dizzy.

A good kiss variates in it’s hotness, length and wetness. Both round and forth and back. A good kiss doesn’t have to last for a 1000 years, make every second count instead. A good kiss is like a dance – the man has to be in charge, but if you don’t play well together, it doesn’t work.

What can you learn?

  • Girls see kisses in a more romantic way than guys. Fact.
  • It’s a lot more about the feelings behind it, than the kiss itself.
  • Variate, be a little unpredictable.
  • It’s not about the length, although a good kiss shouldn’t last less than about 10 seconds, it’s about what you do with the time.
  • Be a little adventurous, be the leader.
  • Use your whole body, especially your hands.
  • Need more tips? Here’s My 18 Tips for a Perfect Kiss.

In a few days, I’ll also ask the girls what they define as a bad kiss. That should be interesting!

And now I’m going to ask you, my dear readers,

What’s a good kiss to you?

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33 thoughts on “5 Tips on Kissing Passionately from 5 Women

  1. Robert Underwood

    First, being a guy, I can say that I see a kiss as a very romantic action. So sorry but it is not fact that women see them more romantic than guys. But you do have it right that the feeling behind a kiss is what’s important. A good kiss to me is one that is not too wet, nor too dry. You feel an almost static shock that reverberates through your entire body. You know the feeling where you get a chill and the hairs on your arms, legs, neck, and back prickle. That’s the energetic feeling of the first kiss that sets the tone for an entire relationship. I’ve never known a woman to feel that, so it begs the question. Do women feel that, or is it just the man that does?

  2. Jason

    I’m no woman, but my impression is that women don’t necessarily value the kiss that leaves them completely satisfied as much as the kiss that leaves them badly wanting more. Sometimes I think they are turned on by how you withhold the full make-out and tease them just as much as how you kiss in the first place.

    I’m curious if there are any ladies that would agree or disagree with me on that one.

  3. Alex

    Robert, I think that anyone can feel that. Women, men, teenagers, old people, anyone. I like your point of view on kissing, I agree! :)

    Jason, I definately see what you mean, but when I asked these women, I think they responded more to kisses in general (and in a relationship) than “the first kiss”, or a more sensual kiss leading to sex.

    But I think you’re right, holding back can be a great “technique”, it’s just not what these girls responded to.

    Thanks for your comments guys!

  4. Zack


    You have some really helpful tips on here. Much of it is very unique.

    And.. it’s always a good thing to hear girl tips from girls themselves.

    Nice post.

  5. Alex Kay

    Mama, I’ll keep them coming for you ;)

    Zack, yeah, I know… Funny enough, it kind of brings in another perspective to the mix.

    Glad you’re enjoying the content, and thanks for your kind words mate.

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  7. Grace

    I’ve been with this guy and we kiss loadz and I neva gt bored!… Do yuu think yuu can tell if a relationship will last judgin frm the way he kisses me??… I mean he does it with so much passion and consideration 4 me and it makes me weak everytime I kiss him…

  8. Alex

    That’s amazing Grace!

    No, I don’t think you can judge if a relationship will “hold” by the way you kiss. The future is the future, it’s (almost) impossible to predict.

    But it does give a pretty good picture of your relationship NOW.

    And to me, that all that really should matter.

    Hope he continues to kiss you so good you get weak ;)

    Take care.

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  12. aba

    I kissed my girlfriend for the first time my first kiss with her, her 15th she said it was the best kiss she might ever have in the world thank you 4 the tips it a big big help afterall tank u

  13. annie

    hey, sweet article :]
    the best kisses i’ve had so far differed by a few things. thats what makes them so good, because they’re unique and special. my favourite ones have been those that go over an hour or two in length. i know, pretty far out.. other goods ones come from when you know how to combine your kissing experience/lips
    the most important contribution is feelings behind the kisses though, you can never have a good kiss without them.. (although i strongly disagree with first kisses setting the entire relationship/predicting what it would be like. although nice ones do help)

  14. Sii'Mone Cage

    –well me and my boyfrend, on and off again, decided to reconnect for the third time and make this work.. well we’re young and had never met, by young i mean i had to sneak out that night to see him :-) lol but when i did first see him he walked up to me, out his arm around my waist, my hand behind the nack of his head and he just leaned so i did the same and we kissed for the first time it was passionate to me because it was actually one of the best kisses i ever had in my “young life” but it was a tongue kiss and i really enjoyed it :-) toodles

  15. ram

    I’m about to kiss the most beautiful girl in a week’s time. I’m praying your tips will work. If it works … My LIFE WILL A NEW TURN.

  16. SJ

    I am a woman who will try to shed some light on “the kiss” issue. I have wondered myself, recently what the affects are on the man when the kiss between the man and the woman is seemingly all so powerful. I wonder if he feels what I feel, that electric wave of energy that makes you dizzy from your head, your heart pound, the adrenaline surging and all that.

    The kiss is so important because it is a face to face equal display of the most personal initiation of attraction between a man and woman. It is a sensual experience of getting to know a man on an intimate level. I feel that you can feel someones vibe and if they share the same surge of passion that you do for them by kissing you back the way that you kiss them with the same intensity. It is less about technique as it is about the feeling that goes behind it. I feel that you can tell if the opposite sex is into you by the way they kiss you.
    How many men can honestly say they kiss a woman that they are not that into…. with tenderness and passion? I rest my case. I believe the same vice versa. I could not passionately kiss someone who couldn’t kiss me back in the same way. So if you are into the woman, mimic her moves and kiss her tenderly, passionately and softly breathe in her kiss and love every second of it and she will be putty in your hands. I think guys feel the same way. Can a guy shed some light into this, thanks?

  17. Kris

    I am a woman. I love kissing my man but he loves doing it more than I do. We kiss each other passionately, our kisses speak of how much we love each other so much.

  18. Isaac

    I’m afraid to try this because I have an essential tremor. Basically, any strong emotion or nervousness causes me to shake all over. Because of the emotion present during a kiss, my hands, legs, diaphragm, and head would twitch (not like a seizure but like an old man lifting something heavy). I’ve never had it in my tongue, though. How do you think I should go about approaching this?

  19. Faith

    I recently connected with an old friend from high school. We never really dated but shared one incredible random kiss in the 9th grade. After graduation we both got married and haven’t seen each other in 8 years, until last week. We’re both single again now and made plans to get together and catch up. During our visit we shared another amazing kiss. I felt the pulse quickening, goosebump causing chill all thru me, something I never felt with my husband. How can I know if He felt anything other than just the joy of a kiss. How can I tell if He has feelings for me without actually asking him.

  20. jo

    I was kissed by my ex after 13 year explited , was a short relationshid , I thought he was not the serious type that will marry and settle and we stop seeing each other I do not know how , we met again accidentaly , he wanted to show me his office as son as the door closed , he came to me and kiss me in a way that kept me spinning for a month and beyond, I am married , he is married, I ran as fast as I could after the 3rd kiss when I felt was out of control.
    Never saw him again, changed my number but I dream to kiss those magic lips.
    I adore my husband annd kids,recognise kissing is not his thing
    What can I do with this feelings , yesterday I saw my ex I still feel very attracted to him physically I guest .
    Please someone advise me how to fight my desires
    Should I suppress my feelings for ever

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