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3 Delicious Strength and Mind Building Smoothies

Not 5... But 3 smoothies! Not 5... But 3 smoothies!

A freshly made smoothie. You can smell it miles away. Chocolate, banana, vanilla, all of the best possible quality. The finest ingredients in the world. I take the first slurp, and my whole body is exhilarated in joy. I feel happy to be alive.

The power of the smoothie

Ok, so that might be a little over the top. But a smoothie made right can be a lifesaver.

The perfect treat for the hard working man. For the father of two active boys. For any man, actually. We all need a treat sometimes, and what is better than something that tastes so good, and has so many health benefits as the smoothie?

Every recipe works with the use of frozen fruit instead of fresh. But although fresh fruits are often more expensive, they also carry more nutrional value, and taste better. It’s your choice!

The Brain Freezer:

  • Start out by taking a handful of blueberries, this will be our main ingredient and flavour.
  • For some extra taste, use a couple of raspberries or redcurrants too.
  • Use a half banana if you like.
  • Next, pour 2 teaspoons of honey into the mix.
  • And to make it a smoothie, we’ll use some low fat vanilla yoghurt, or blueberry yoghurt if you have it.
  • Also use a small cup of soy milk or regular milk.
  • As the last ingredient, use a couple of ice cubes. 2 should be enough.
  • Blend and enjoy.

Chocolate Knockout:

  • Pick a good chocolate, and put about 25 grams of it in your blender. Dark chocolate usually works best in smoothies.
  • If your blender is a little old and used such as mine, you might want to chop it up a little before putting it in.
  • Although it might make it more of a milkshake, some stracciatella ice cream can work wonders in your drink, too.
  • You will need 1-2 bananas depending on the size of your serving. Banana and chocolate really taste well together, so don’t spare on any of it!
  • Another thing that tastes well with bananas and chocolate are raspberries. A small handfull is great.
  • Also use syrup if desirable, a small teaspoon is fine.
  • Use a couple of ice cubes. You can use 3 to even it out a little.
  • Milk is not needed if you used ice cream. But if not, use about a half cup of regular milk.
  • Frozen yoghurt works best here, but regular vanilla yoghurt will also do.
  • And at last, you can add a teaspoon of sugar.
  • After blended, you can sprinkle some grated chocolate over your drink.
  • Enjoy!

The Strawberry Straw:

  • As it is not THE strawberry straw for nothing, add lots of strawberries. 8-12 will suffice.
  • Yoghurt and strawberries combine well due to the light sweetness and creamnyness in yoghurt, and the natural sweetness in strawberries.
  • So don’t be afraid to add a lot of yoghurt!
  • Milk is also important in this drink, use a cup or two.
  • Juice won’t hurt; pick your favorite. Some apple or orange juice can taste really good!
  • Use 2 or 3 ice cubes.
  • If you feel adventurous, you can add any fruit you like to the mix. Blackberries for example can be very welcome in a smoothie like this.
  • And if you are feeling extra adventurous, add some coconut flakes, too.
  • At last add a banana if you like it a little thick in consistency.
  • Mix and serve.

4 simple tips:

1. Serve the drink in a tall and slim glass.
2. A little vanilla extract can do wonders for your smoothie.
3. For an added cool effect, use crystal clear ice cubes in your drink instead of regular ones.
4. If you added banana, don’t keep it for too long in the fridge before drinking it, the banana might turn your whole drink brown.

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