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4 Reasons Why Dating an Older Woman Can Help You Move On

Ever thought about dating a cougar? Ever thought about dating a cougar?

Note from Alex: Here’s an article from my friend Oliver Jameson who has been so kind as to give us a quick post containing four reasons why you should (consider) dating an older woman. Take ’em away…

Breaking up is never easy. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are surrounding the break up or how strong you are, you may be left feeling vulnerable and out of control. This is particularly true if you were not the one who decided to end it.

Perhaps now is a good time to try something different. If you’re like the average guy, you probably date women that are generally in your own age group. It’s time you broke the mold. Why not date an older woman?

There are plenty of reasons you should consider dating an older woman, especially after a breaking up.

  1. Maturity
    Let’s face it, younger women tend to bring drama to the table. You won’t have that with an older women, because they’re more mature. They’ve been there and done that, so they don’t waste their time overdramatizing situations. She won’t constantly ask where you’ve been or what you’re thinking. You’ll be completely free to be yourself.
  2. Sexuality
    Older women have gotten over their sexual hang-ups and are all about pleasure. With younger women you may find that you are not on the same sexual page, perhaps she cannot handle your sexual prowess. But an older woman will be ready, willing, and able. She’s at her sexual pique, just like you.
  3. They Care More
    Older women are more understanding, simply because they have been around the block already. They know what to say and do in the midst of a crisis, even if the crisis is yours. They are less selfish and more compassionate. As a man, you may not feel overwhelmed very often, but when you do you want a woman who’s going to stand by your side.
  4. Less Pressure
    Younger women tend to be focused on getting married and starting a family, but maybe that’s not where your head is at right now. It can be a lot of pressure knowing that your girl is thinking about planning a wedding. Not with an older woman, she is in no hurry. Chances are, she may have been married in the past, so it’s probably not on her immediate agenda.

You might still experience a little angst from your past, but dating an older woman can help you to move on. It will open your mind to greater possibilities. You will find an entirely different world – one that focuses on honesty, mutual respect, and enjoying each other’s company.

Article by Oliver Jameson of dating site Cougared.

Image by DigitalART2. Thanks!

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9 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Dating an Older Woman Can Help You Move On

  1. Jamiro

    Wow, didn’t see this one coming.. but I mean that in a good way!

    Thanks for the article Oliver, nice perspective

  2. Nick

    Nice… I once fell in love with an older woman exactly because the reasons listed.. like her confidence
    It didn’t work out though, but nice to be reminded why older women can be great!

  3. James P

    I think that you can find a girl who is the same age as you with the same qualities, but I don’t doubt that older woman are often like this!

  4. John Gammelfod

    A problem with older women can be that they have kids. I once ran into this lovely cougar who had kids, and therefore had less time for me. When she did have time, we had a blast, though

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  6. idowu

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