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12 Things You Didn’t Know about James Bond

Good ol' James Bond Good ol' James Bond

James Bond is cool. We all know that, but did you know these 12 things about the macho legend?

  • Bond doesn’t necessarily drive in his famous Aston Martin; he has also driven a Russian tank, an oil tanker, and a double-decker bus!
  • The original Aston Martin DB5 was sold in January 2006 at an auction in Arizona for $2,090,000, to a European James Bond collector.
  • James Bond’s astrological sign is the Scorpio.

  • As you probably know, James likes gin-martinis, preferably shaken, not stirred. But he is also very fond of vodka.
  • James Bond likes watches; Sean Connery had a Rolex Submariner, Roger Moore a Seiko Quartz and Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig wore Omegas.
  • James Bond is the second highest grossing film series ever at roughly 4.6 billion dollars. It is second only to the Star Wars series, which has earned about 6.6 billion dollars.
  • M’s real name is almost revealed by Bond in “Casino Royale”. Bond says: “I thought M was a randomly assigned letter, I never knew it stood for…”
  • “Licence to kill” was the least financially successful James Bond movie. Many critics felt this was because of the 15+ rating it received in England.
  • “Goldfinger” is often called the best Bond movie ever.
  • The armourer, who supplies Bond with all his gadgets, is referred to as Q. The Q stands for “Quartermaster”.
  • In all the movies Sean Connery stares in, he wears a toupee.
  • The famous Bond music was originally composed by Woody Allen, who wrote the music for a beer commercial. The beer company rejected the tune; the rest as they say is history!

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9 thoughts on “12 Things You Didn’t Know about James Bond

  1. Ravi

    Hey Alex,

    Great site. Hopped over from Skelliewag, and I’m loving what I’m seeing. Just 2 things…

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    2) What theme are you using? Looks great, extremely “clean” look…I ask because its just a little surprising when a new blog *doesnt* have a crappy theme ;-). Props on great taste/coding skills.

    Subscribed and looking forward to new content!

  2. Alex Kay

    Hey Ravi, Thanks for your comment and kind words!

    1) Yes, yes I know. I am setting up a contact form on the about page right now! Thanks for letting me know.

    2) I have made this design 100% myself (and coded), so no crappy themes here ;)

    And Steve: Yep, I bet you didn’t know that! And yes, just edited the URL, something must have gone wrong. Thanks.

  3. Bunk


    Just ran across your blog today. You have a breath of fresh air going here bro’. Keep up the quality material geared towards us men. Regards.

  4. Alex Kay

    Hi Bunk! Thanks a lot for your comment, and yes, I predict that the content will only get better and better! So keep checking in, and we’ll see about that. Cheers!

  5. andyw

    Sorry to disappoint you guys but the James Bond signature theme was written by Monty Norman in 1962.
    Woody Allen played a character called Jimmy Bond in the spoof film “Casino Royale” in 1968.
    That’s about as close as it gets to a Bond link.

  6. drunk

    Bond prefers vodka martinis. Shaking a gin martini bruises the gin, but since vodka doesn’t bruise shaking it is an acceptable mixing method.