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12 Effective (and Slightly Badass) Ways to be the Sexiest Guy in the Room

Follow these tips if you want to become the sexiest guy in the room Follow these tips if you want to become the sexiest guy in the room

Who wouldn’t love to be the guy that every girl stares after? You don’t have to look like Brad Pitt or George Clooney to be attractive in women’s eyes, although it would help, it isn’t necessary. You just have to have a certain attitude to life; that’s all.

In this post I’m going to give you 12 Effective (and Slightly Badass) Ways to be the Sexiest Guy in the Room.

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1. Carry yourself slowly.
Separate yourself from all the men rushing around by carrying yourself slowly where ever you go. Pick up your wallet slowly, turn your head slowly and kiss slowly, all with grace and power. Women will immediately notice your aura of sex appeal.

2. Relax, lean back.
Be confident in yourself, and let it show through by being relaxed and not anxious.

3. Hold eye contact for longer time than comfortable.
If done right this can be a huge turn on from across the room. Don’t come across as a stalker, though.

4. Smell good.
A no brainer, really! All women are attracted to a good scent.

5. Do things you love.
You will never look calm and sexy if you are at a place that you don’t wanna be. Be a man, and do the things you love.

6. Smile.
Few things are more attractive than a genuine smil.
7. Be a gentleman.
Always hold the door, pull out chairs, etc. So easy, yet so many men don’t do it.

8. Be yourself.
Don’t pretend to be someone else. This is really important; you need to keep your congruence. Be consistent with your thoughts and actions.

9. Keep the sparkle in your eyes.
They say that the eyes are the mirror to your soul. And if you want her desire, you need to have burning hot eyes. Practice smiling just with your eyes, it can be very powerful.

10. Have good looking skin.

11. Be well groomed.

12. And follow my fashion advice.
(Soon to come)

Follow these 12 Effective tips and you will soon be the sexiest guy in the room. If I’m not in it at the same time, of course!

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48 thoughts on “12 Effective (and Slightly Badass) Ways to be the Sexiest Guy in the Room

  1. Cynthia Morris

    These are great. I agree with the smell good and good grooming. I’d also add how incredibly sexy it is to see a man who is well-dressed. I don’t mean expensive clothes, but clothes that fit. No elephantine bunching of the pants at the ankles!
    I get sad when I see a couple and the woman looks great and the man is wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, or a baseball cap, or shorts. What an insult to his fine woman.
    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest,

  2. Alex Kay

    Dave: Thanks a lot! Yeah, but you just have to remember that it’s never too late.

    And Cynthia: Yes, it can actually make me a little sad too. Not to say that a baseball cap and shorts can’t be sexy, because they can, but it’s often very easy to see how much energy and thought the man have used on his clothing. And the sweatshirt + jeans combo is usually just a lack of energy.

    Thanks for your comments! :)

  3. Jennifer

    If a man held eye contact with me for far too long a time I’d try to get away from him as soon as possible. That only works with really hot guys, and even then, it’s creepy.

  4. Mandi

    Excellent advice for guys. So many forget the little things like grooming, or smelling good. I also really liked your advice to do things they love – one of the things I always look for in guys, or is constant in guys I am attracted to is confidence. Not cockiness, but quiet and strong confidence.

  5. Captain Svejk

    Nice one. You might as well tattoo the words “father figure” and “capitalist” on your forehead whilst you’re at it. If this is sex appeal then we’re scarcely different from monkeys.

  6. Ashley

    God, common sense?! Give us some credit women!

    Why is it women seem to think we’re all just complete morons. Grooming and smelling good is easy, but we just don’t do it some days because we can’t be bothered.

    Girls are just too picky.

  7. Alex Kay

    Andrew: Great!

    Jennifer: But then, what defines them as “hot”? I see where you are coming from, but looking away first when you have a eye contact, for a man at least, is a very strong signal of weakness.

    Mandi: Yes, yes. I think that this way you will find some really good guys, thanks for your comment!

    Karen: Thank you for the encouraging words!

    Svejk: I will!

    Ashley: Can’t be bothered? Smelling and looking good should be just as much for your own sake as for the women.

    iPhone guy: Thanks, yeah, you’re right :)

    Thank you everyone!

  8. Alex Kay

    Hey Michael, thanks you for your kind words!

    Unfortunately I am not the economic situation where I can afford a proofreader. Thanks for the offer though.

  9. Small Business marketing

    Here are a couple more.

    Ignore her a bit if she’s across the room and sending signals. It typically makes her get aggressive and want to make contact even more.

    If you do get to meet her please have a firm dry handshake and not a wimpy wet touch.

  10. matthew

    Great advice! Here’s another one I picked up from Arnold Schwartzenegger:

    when walking, add an extra bit of length to your stride. That is, if your average stride is three feet, now make it three and a half feet. It may seem odd/uncomfortable at first, but it adds to the confidence you’re already showing.

    sounds odd, but give it a spin!

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  12. Sebastyne

    I am a firm believer of an eye contact, so I can’t resist commenting; With eye contact, SLIGHTLY longer than it’s comfortable, but you have to turn your eyes away as soon as she does, nobody likes to be stared at. (You have to excuse me, I’ve noticed that men need really clear instructions especially with something so subtle like a good seduction.)

    Can I add a number 13? NEVER call yourself “a player” even though you could walk THE walk and talk the talk to the perfection…

  13. Alex Kay

    Hey Sebastyne,

    That’s some good advice :) It’s really important not to be viewed upon as a stalker. And yes, many men really do. I’m glad that you’re here to help!

    Never call yourself a player? lol. Well, I often find that it’s the women that calls men “players”, a man calling himself a player is just stupid.

    Once again, thanks for your comment.

  14. Carl

    I think this is a given from all the points here, but displaying confidence and truly having self confidence is paramount.

    There’s many ways to do this – but I like building self confidence through the following:

    1. NOT following the crowd, do what YOU believe.
    2. Work ridiculously hard towards a goal. ANY goal.
    3. Smiling and being positive, no matter what. (which is mentioned in the article)

    Great read.

  15. Alex Kay

    Thanks Carl,

    I think you really touched upon something really important here.

    Working ridiculously hard towards any goal is a great way to build self-confidence.

    I guess you mean something like “always giving a 100%”. This may be a bit overkill though, you have to pick the right “fights”. But thanks for your comment nonetheless, I get your point.

  16. Alex Kay

    Hey Phoebe,

    yeah, I know ;)

    Everytime I hear about someone with the name Phoebe, I just think about that crazy chick in “Friends”. lol

    Thanks for your comment!

  17. Akoltye01

    All of these make sense. Unfortunately I’m horrible about all of these. I’m an un-medicated sufferer of an acute case of ADHD, so moving slow is practically impossible for me. My posture is horrible. My smile looks like a pedophile’s (pedo-smile) and eyecontact for more than a fraction of a second is incredibly uncomfortable.

    I have lots of work to do.

    Oh. I’m very good at being my self. But no-one likes myself. :/

  18. J

    Soooooo true! Smelling good and clear skin are sooo important…There is this amazing guy I work with…he serenades me with his guitar, sings to me, has an awesome personality and used to be reallly cute…I fall so hard for him till i look up at him and see his insane acne…I know sometimes it cant be helped but is an instant turn off…same thing happens…there could be the cutest guy in the world amazing personality nice clothes following all the tips but if he smells bad…no deal

  19. Casual Dating Online

    I love it and always notice when a guy connects with my eyes for a little longer than normal..

    It makes me feel noticed, but also has some aura of mystery to it.

    great ideas and great article.


  20. Jan Randka

    #4 can be a miracle! Some time ago I didn’t pay attention to the smell. I just bought noname perfume and thought that’s it. But one day I changed it to something good quality, carefully choosen (a lady at the store helped me with that). Suddenly everything changed! Girls DO like good perfume (but take care not to overhaul with the amount of it – just a drop can be enough)

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  22. Nick

    Love the straight-forward practical advice man — very cool stuff. Looking relaxed, having a good smile, and holding strong eye contact shows true confidence. Body language conveys a ton about you and is massively important.

    Great article :)

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